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ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK
ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK
ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK
ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK
ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK
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Characteristics ECOS Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free - 4 PK.

ItemMaster Dimensions
Length, IN 3.844
Height, IN 8.347
Width, IN 7.788
Weight, LB 0.915
special attributes
Units In Package 4
Package Type PACK
Package Size, PACK 4.0
Country Of Origin China
Seasonal N
Temperature Indicator Shelf Stable
Marketing Description Ecos™ Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free. Treeless. Bamboo + sugarcane. Soft texture & durable strength. Made with bamboo & sugarcane. 4 Double rolls. 2-Ply. 300 Sheets/roll. No inks or dyes. Earth Friendly Products™.
Other Description Bamboo sugarcane tissue. Readily biodegradable. Minimum 90% Sugarcane and bamboo blend. Free of inks, dyes and fragrances. Whitened without chlorine bleach. Soft, strong and highly sustainable. May contain 10% Recycled product. Treeless paper? Tell me more! Treeless & renewable: The bamboo and sugarcane plants used to make Ecos™ paper are among the fastest growing grasses on Earth. After being harvested, they grow back from their own roots in as little as three to four months. This is up to 120 times faster than traditional hardwoods! Ecos paper helps protect the forests we all love. Waste up-cycling: The beauty of using sugarcane in Ecos paper is that the fibers used to make our paper would otherwise be considered waste by the sugar industry. Repurposing this "waste" product to make our paper means that less material is being thrown away, and less trees are being harvested. That's upcycling at its best! Readily biodegradable: Ecos paper fibers quickly dissolve back into the earth, so it's safe for all disposal systems. Gentle yet strong: Because the bamboo and sugarcane fibers used to make Ecos paper are much longer than the short scratchy fibers used in recycled paper, our products have a very soft and luxurious feel. The fiber length is also the reason our treeless paper products hold together much better. Less CO2. More O2: You can breathe easy knowing that the bamboo used in Ecos paper produces 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide (the major greenhouse gas linked to global warming). Large plantations of bamboo not only help our air quality, they can make a huge dent in reversing climate change and protecting the future of our planet. Conserves water & energy: Making virgin hardwood or recycled material into paper isn't easy! It often takes a large amount of processing, consuming lots of power and water. The minimal processing needed to make bamboo and sugarcane into Ecos paper uses much less energy, and at least 70% of the water used is recycled. Help save trees & wildlife: Daily, 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced from tree-sourced paper, which translates into the destruction of about 27,000 trees each and every day. This level of consumption has led to large-scale deforestation and over-logging across the planet. It can take 30 years for a tree to mature, and once they're cut down they may never grow back. Switching to Ecos paper can help save our rainforests, conserve water, protect wildlife habitats, and make a real impact on reversing climate change. ISO. Ecos™ paper is soft, strong and sustainable. You can feel good about choosing a product that is gentle on your skin and safe for the environment. Cruelty free: Earth Friendly Products does not test its products on animals or use any animal ingredients. This product is panda friendly and is not made from panda bear food sources. Questions? Call us at 1.800.335.ECOS. Thoughtfully made in China for the greater community of life.
Ecommerce Description ECOS™ Bathroom Tissue Fragrance Free. Made with bamboo & sugarcane. Minimum 90% Sugarcane and bamboo blend. Whitened without chlorine bleach.
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