We are a dynamic and persistent team of professionals with a decade of experience in the field of wholesale and retail sales.

We can not simply sit in one place or stop and admire what we have achieved, rather we are continuously striving to reach new heights. No, we are not literally conquering Mount Everest (although we could), we started a new project, based on existing experience and knowledge.

Listex.Online is an CPG marketplace, a complete directory of goods, descriptions, product listings for all participants of the supply chain. It can be used by anyone from end-users to the largest retailers and distributors. 

Our catalog contains the most popular product categories, such as:

  • Food
  • Non-food products
  • Building materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics, etc.

So, why should you even consider using a search engine like ours? Well, with Listex, you can:

  • Search for products with a barcode, a name, a brand, or a manufacturer.
  • Conveniently filter products by suppliers, vendors, or value attributes such as taste, color, strength etc.
  • Get direct access to the websites of a manufacturer, a brand, a supplier, or a distributor.
  • The management of your products in stock is now easier than physically placing them on shelves. Our site provides the most up to date and complete information.
  • Access new distribution markets.
  • The promotion of new products on the market is simplified.

Our distinct advantage is the speed and quality of digital content creation, supplemented by the ease of adding photos and descriptions of products. We’ve optimized the functionality and convenience for all participants of logistics and e-commerce, and minimized the cost for you.

Today our database includes over 100,000 items, of which 90 thousand include images, and 60 thousand have complete attributes such as description, the brand name, and the manufacturer.

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