We are pleased to announce the start of cooperation with suppliers to provide product content to Walmart. 

We are fully integrated with the new API to publish full product catalogs to Walmart's database.

Listex.online is an open-access professional digital data resource of consumer goods has been created and is up and running. It provides its users with new opportunities for sales, increasing brand awareness, and achieving efficient interactions within the market. 

Listex is more than simply a tool that helps you publish content to Walmart. Listex is a unique source of information for all accounting systems that simplifies the interaction between partners. It is extremely important for all the information in the account system to be verified, complete and relevant. The necessary details can be found quickly and easily on Listex.Online and used to increase sales and brand awareness, as well as achieve efficient interaction in the market.

How it works

Contact our Support team today for a consultation on your product content and we'll help you simplify the complex process of providing your information to Walmart.com
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