Listex.Online is a unique information source for all market players, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. The site always provides current and detailed information that allows you to examine merchandise without going offline. By adding your product listings to our website, you inform your target audience about retail, wholesale, and bulk prices, showing your full range of products and promoting your offers on the market.

Our resource is designed to optimize the processes of digitalizing and storing master data, content and photographs. This is a convenient way to manage your certificates, special attributes and additional information, which according to the client’s preference can be made private or public. Importing products is a rather time-consuming process, so we decided to take over some of the steps and to simplify this task for you.

Reviews, ratings, and comments from market players will assist you in receiving feedback about your products, and gain an understanding of the trends in consumer tastes. Easy site navigation allows you to monitor and analyze data for product availability (with or without price indication) at retail chains or distribution centers. With this information on hand, it’s easy to modify the line of products you carry, or the offers you make to your consumers. The uniqueness of each offer will only promote sales.

If you want to add a new product to our directory, we are ready to take high quality pictures and create descriptions for you, all for free and within a short timeframe. If you want to add your offer for a product which is already on our site, simply call us now +1 415.890.2097.

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