MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT
MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT
MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT
MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT
MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT
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Characteristics MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers - 2 CT.

ItemMaster Dimensions
Length, IN 1.79
Height, IN 5.695
Width, IN 2.68
Weight, LB 0.1
special attributes
Units In Package 2
Package Type CARD
Package Size, CT 2.0
Country Of Origin Europe
Seasonal N
Temperature Indicator Shelf Stable
Peg Down 0.526
Peg Right 1.294
Directions Instructions: Before first use boil in water for 5 minutes or sterilize. Allow to stand for a further 5 minutes before giving it to baby. During cleaning a small amount of water may enter the nipple. This can be expelled by squeezing and shaking the nipple. This is to ensure hygiene. Clean before each use. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Never dip the nipple in sweet substances or medication. This can cause tooth decay. Do not worry if the pacifier becomes lodged in the mouth. It cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Remove as gently as possible. MAM recommends giving up pacifier usage at 3 years. Sterilizer box instructions: Remove tamper-proof closure and any stickers from the box. Wash pacifiers and box with mild soapy water and then rinse with clear water before use. This is to ensure hygiene. When using the self-sterilizing method, please ensure the pacifier, box and microwave (including the waveguide-cover and turntable) are completely clean and free from dirt, food residue, fat or oil splashes. If not, this could lead to the product or box melting and the microwave sparking or the waveguide cover burning!). First, hold box and fill to the mark with 25ml /0.9fl oz of water. Next, place pacifier(s) in the box with the nipple facing down. Close box and heat in the microwave at 750 - 1000 watts. Set the microwave timer according to the number of boxes and pacifiers being simultaneously disinfected. Number of double boxes - 1 - 2 - 3. Recommended sterilizing time in minutes - 3 - 7 - 9. Follow the user manual instructions of your microwave. Don't put the sterilizer box at the center of the turntable. Don't leave your microwave unattended during disinfection process! Stop the microwaving process immediately if no water remains. Al low to cool for at least 5 minutes. Open microwave. Caution! The box, water and pacifiers may still be very hot after the 5 minute cooling period! Open box and drain remaining water. Expel water from nipple by squeezing and shaking. Leave pacifiers to dry in a slightly open box. After microwave disinfection, pacifiers kept in the closed box will remain disinfected for up to 48 hours. Microwave disinfection is proven effective in killing common household germs and bacteria. Check the temperature of the pacifier before use! Improper water level, power level or time setting can damage the microwave, pacifiers and box and result in poor disinfection! For use only with MAM pacifiers! Keep all parts of the sterilizer box away from children.
Marketing Description MAM Designed To Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers. Clear collection. 6+ months. Skin soft silicone. BPA free. Orthodontic nipple promotes proper oral development. Sterilizing storage case.
Other Description International children medical research society. Scientific panel of Bamed AG. Mam products are developed in cooperation with ICMRS and other experts. Innovative shield: Curved shield, big air holes, and innovative inside surface all comfort baby and helps to prevent skin irritation. Skinsoft silicone nipple: Silicone nipple with SkinSoft texture that feels more like mom and is easily accepted by babies. Easy hold button: Easy to grab and easy to attach to a pacifier clip. Orthodontic: Ideal for oral development. The nipple adapts to baby's mouth, so the pacifier is always in the correct position. All MAM products are made with materials free of BPA and BPS. Product conforms to US standard 16 CFR 1511 and EN 1400. For more information please contact: MAM USA Corporation. 2700 Westchester Avenue, Suite 315 Purchase, NY 10577. More MAM to love. MAM has a smart and simple solution for every stage of baby's oral development. So if you and baby love MAM pacifiers, you'll love the MAM line of products. Visit us at to find out more. Connect with us and find out what moms are saying about Mam. 94% acceptance. MAM skinsoft nipple: a silky textured surface that feels familiar to babies. Our pacifiers are the result of unique MAM teamwork with pediatricians, dentists and orthodontists. Thanks to a silky textured nipple, a perfect fit for baby's mouth and a special shield design, MAM pacifiers are comfortable for babies and reassuring for parents. Proven effect: a market research study confirms that 94% of babies accept the MAM skinsoft nipple*. (*Market research 2010-2014, tested with 1.236 babies). Available in 3 sizes - newborn 0-6m, 6+m - 16+m. Safety and comfort for every baby age. Toll free 866-949-1174.
Ecommerce Description MAM Designed to Keep Baby Calm Pacifiers. There is silicone nipple with skin soft texture. The product is BPA free. Orthodontic nipple promotes proper oral development. There is sterilizing storage case. Our pacifiers are the result of unique MAM teamwork with pediatricians, dentists and orthodontists.
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