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Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover
Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover
Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover
Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover
Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover
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Characteristics Amodex Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover.

ItemMaster Dimensions
Length, IN 1.245
Height, IN 7.242
Width, IN 4.548
Weight, LB 0.115
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Units In Package 1
Package Size, FL OZ 1.0
Country Of Origin U.S.A.
Seasonal N
Temperature Indicator Shelf Stable
Peg Down 10.630
Peg Right 87.180
Directions To remove ink spots: Place paper towel under ink spot. Apply Amodex® and gently rub with brush. Continue rubbing ink on to clean areas of paper towel until no more ink transfers to paper towel. Launder or rinse area thoroughly. Read product insert for more information before applying Amodex® to stains. Apply Amodex® directly to the stain. For best results do not wet stain or surface prior to use and do not pre-treat stain with other products. General use: Always shake well before use. Never wet a stain or apply anything prior to using Amodex®. Water may set a stain and make the stain harder or even impossible to remove. It is always best to use Amodex® first. Applying another cleaning agent before using Amodex® may reduce its effectiveness. Don't give up hope - Amodex® is still your best bet! To apply Amodex®, shake well and pour directly on stain. Rub in with a fingernail or old toothbrush. On denser fabric (such as cotton), rub well with harder bristle brush. On large stains (such as carpeting), use larger brush or scrub brush. Check first for colorfastness: Because of the different dyes used on fabrics, especially leather, we advise testing for colorfastness. Apply a small amount of Amodex® on a hidden area (inside a garment or along a seam) and rinse. The fabric is colorfast if no color change occurs. Mystery stain? Encounter a stain and don't know what it is? Amodex® is your safe and best bet. Stubborn stains: If you apply Amodex® to stubborn stains on garments or linens every time you launder them, eventually the stain may lighten or disappear. Reapply additional applications while fabric is still wet. Leave overnight before rinsing. Berry stains: Amodex® oftens turns berry stains blue, continue working the stain until it disappears. No hairspray or alcohol: Using alcohol or hair spray on an ink stain will only further set the stain. Lacquer and chemicals: Inks containing chemicals such as lacquer can be a challenge to remove. The lacquer creates a seal that is extremely difficult to penetrate. Fine furniture: Lightly coat the stain with Amodex® and rub gently with clean rag. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Take your time: Don't panic. Amodex® will remove stains that have been there for weeks provided nothing has been applied. Yellowing after cleaning: Should stained area turn yellow after treating with Amodex®, do not worry. The yellow is dried Amodex® residue. Simply rinse the area again thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry. Amodex® removes Sharpie® and other permanent marker from: Auto: interior, exterior paint, and car upholstery. Fabrics: including fine linens, quilts, cashmere, and silk. Surfaces: fine furniture, wood flooring, tile, etc. Upholstery: leather, microfiber, vinyl, and more. Helpful hints: Spot cleaning surface, carpet, upholstery and drapery stains: 1. Apply a few drops of Amodex® to stained area. 2. Rub with a brush or fingernail until stain disappears. Be careful not to rub too hard on wallpaper or other delicate surfaces. 3. Rinse or blot off the Amodex® with a damp cloth. When working with carpets or upholstery, rinse thoroughly. Note: when cleaning silk, after rinsing, we recommend drying with a hairdryer to avoid water stains. Pretreating stains before laundering: 1. Apply Amodex® to stains. For example, use it to pre-treat the rings on shirt collars and cuffs or to remove mystery stains. 2. Gently rub with your brush or fingernail. 3. Launder with your other washables using your regular detergent. Amodex® is safe even for spot treating and leaving on the fabric until you are ready to launder. Before dry cleaning or to spot clean garments: 1. Follow the directions above, and thoroughly rinse the area to remove any traces of Amodex® residue. Removing heavy ink stains: 1. Place paper towel under stain. 2. Apply Amodex® to stain. 3. Gently rub with brush or fingernail. 4. As stain appears on paper towel, rotate the towel to a clean area of the towel and continue rubbing. 5. Continue working the stained area until no more ink appears on the paper towel. 6. Launder in a regular laundry
Marketing Description Amodex® Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover. Featured on Martha Stewart Living and Good Morning America. Non-toxic & eco-friendly! Many stains. One solution. Removes: Sharpie®. Grass. Crayon. Ink/dye. Paint. Oil. Berries. Wine. Chocolate. Tomato. Blood. And much more! Safe to use on all fabrics, surfaces, and even skin!
Other Description Removes tough stains including: Inks: Rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine and recommended by Avery®, Parker®, Montblanc®, Pilot®, Newell Rubbermaid® (Sharpie®, Expo® & Papermate®), and many more! Ballpoint, permanent & whiteboard marker, Flair®/felt tip, gel, stamp pad ink, toner, writing inks, correction fluid. All food stains: Berries, chocolate, coffee & tea, curry, fruit juice, food coloring, gravy, ketchup, Kool-Aid®, mustard, red wine, salad dressing, soy sauce, tomato. And more... Blood, crayon (recommended by Crayola®), Georgia clay, grass, grease/oil, hair dye, scuff & scorch marks, lipstick, make-up, acrylic/latex paint, tar, and "mystery stains". Safe & effective on fabrics: Canvas, cashmere, corduroy, cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, viscose, wool, and more. And most materials & surfaces: Carpets, Corian®, fiberglass, Formica®, leather, linoleum, painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, tile, upholstery, vinyl, wood, and more. Women Owned™. Our family has been dedicated to producing this quality product since 1958. We thank you for your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or comments: 877-866-1255 or Amodex®: Many stains. One solution. Since we first introduced Amodex® in 1958, it has been the stain lifesaver to customers. Our customers, employees and family use our unique non-toxic, stain fighting product and have developed the following helpful hints for you. Keep in mind, as any professional will tell you, that the secrets to removing difficult stains are to be patient and keep trying with multiple applications. Visit us on the web, and tell us your stain success stories! Amodex® your stain solution for commercial, office & household use. Visit our website for more detailed instructions and how-to videos! We source all of our materials from American manufacturers. On behalf of all of us, thank you for helping keep American manufacturing in the USA. Removes tough stains including: Inks/toner/paint: Ballpoint/gel. Calligraphy. Sharpie® and other permanent marker. Stamp pad. Flair®/felt tip. Toner. Magic marker. Fountain pen. Expo® and white board marker. Acrylic paint. Food: Berries. Ketchup. Chocolate. Kool-aid. Coffee & tea. Mustard. Red wine. Fruit juice. Salad dressing. Gravy. Tomato juice. Oils. And more... Blood. Heel marks. Crayon. Lipstick. Grass. Makeup. Grease/oil. Scorch marks. Hair dye. Tree sap. Tar. Pet stains (excluding cat urine). Is safe and effective on: Most fabrics: Canvas. Rayon. Corduroy. Silk. Cotton. Velour. Nylon. Viscose. Polyester. Wool. Cashmere. Microfiber. Most materials and surfaces: Carpets. Rubber. Corian®. Tile. Fiberglass. Upholstery. Formica®. Vinyl. Leather. Metal. Wallpaper. Linoleum. Walls. Painted surfaces. Plastics. CDs/DVDs. Wood. Laminate. Toll free: (877) 866-1255. (203) 335-1255. Fax: (203) 330-9988.
Ecommerce Description Amodex® Non-Toxic Ink & Stain Remover. Many stains,one solution. For commercial, office & household use. Safe to use on all fabrics, surfaces, and even skin. Non-toxic & eco-friendly product. Removes tough stains including inks or dye, paint, oil, berries, wine, chocolate, blood, lipstick, grass, tree sap, tar, all food stains and more. Safe & effective on most fabrics such as canvas, rayon, silk, cotton, nylon, viscose, polyester, wool, cashmere and more.
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