Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
Delverde Rigatoni
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Characteristics Delverde Rigatoni.

ItemMaster Dimensions
Length, IN 3.085
Height, IN 8.425
Width, IN 5.725
Weight, LB 1.09
special attributes
Units In Package 1
Package Type BOX
Package Size, OZ 16.0
Net Weight, OZ 16.0
Country Of Origin USA
Seasonal N
Ingredients 100% Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Ferrous Lactate (Iron), Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid.
Temperature Indicator Shelf Stable
Vitamins And Minerals Folate - 35%
Directions Cooking suggestions: Bring 4 quarts of water to boil. Add 1 pound of pasta with 1 tablespoon of sea salt and stir vigorously. Keep the water boiling, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. Drain carefully and serve hot. Cooking time 10 min. Cooking tips: Use at least 4 quarts of water for every pound of pasta. Always choose a fairly large, tall pot to keep the water temperature constant and the pasta from sticking together. Always salt the water after it has begun boiling. Drain the pasta while it is al dente - with a bit of "bite" - it tastes better and is more digestible. Never run pasta under cold water because it will lose the layer of starch that binds it with the sauce. For best results, pasta should be drained very al dente and then finished off in a pan with sauce over high heat. This causes the sauce to get into the heart of the pasta for a fuller, more intense flavor. Store in a cool, dry place.
Marketing Description Delverde Rigatoni. Authentic, Simple and Pure™. Premium durum wheat semolina. Slow dried to maintain protein and quality. Homemade taste. Handcrafted in Italy. Enriched macaroni product.
Other Description Delverde originates in the picturesque village of Fara San Martino in the Abruzzo Region of Italy. It is here where centuries-old regional pasta making traditions and natural local ingredients are combined forming the ideal place to make the best pasta. What makes Delverde taste so good? Delverde pasta is still produced the traditional way with the best quality, local ingredients including the finest durum wheat semolina and natural spring water from the Verde River. Following centuries-old pasta making traditions, we use bronze dies for the ideal texture and slowly dry our pasta at low temperatures to maintain all of the wheat's nutritional value and genuine taste. Our unmatched care ensures every box of Delverde contains all of the legendary goodness of Italian pasta - a rich, fragrant taste and al dente texture. How to judge pasta? Delverde has a rich, fragrant taste - unlike pasta made with a blend of flours, Delverde carefully selects the finest durum wheat semolina that gives the pasta its distinct taste. Delverde clings to sauce - unlike other smooth pasta noodles, Delverde pasta is made using bronze dies creating an ideal, textured surface. Delverde cooks perfectly al dente - for the right "bite" every time. Respect the environment. Artisan made. Bronze dies. Slow dried. Spring water. For recipes & information about all the Delverde products visit
Ecommerce Description Delverde Rigatoni. It is an enriched macaroni product and made with premium durum wheat semolina only the best quality, local ingredients, including premium durum wheat semolina. It has homemade taste.
Number Of Servings 8
Energy 190
Total Fat, g 1.0
Sodium, mg 0
Carbohydrates, g 39
Dietary Fiber, g 2
Sugars, g 1
Protein, g 7
Daily Percent Of Iron 10
Daily Percent Of Niacin 20
Daily Percent Of Riboflavin 15
Daily Percent Of Thiamin 40
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