Veal Cutlets - 2 CT
Veal Cutlets - 2 CT
Veal Cutlets - 2 CT
Veal Cutlets - 2 CT
Veal Cutlets - 2 CT
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Characteristics Veal Cutlets - 2 CT.

ItemMaster Dimensions
Length, IN 0.0
Height, IN 0.0
Width, IN 0.0
Weight, LB 0.0
special attributes
Units In Package 1
Package Type PACKAGE
Package Size, OZ 5.0
Country Of Origin USA
Seasonal N
Ingredients Veal Cutlets.
Temperature Indicator Chilled
Energy 152
Total Fat, g 2.49
Saturated Fat, g 0.751
Cholesterol, mg 111
Sodium, mg 91
Carbohydrates, g 0
Dietary Fiber, g 0
Protein, g 30.16
Polyunsaturated Fat, g 0.255
Monounsaturated Fat, g 0.794
Potassium, mg 527
Racc Amt, BAR 0.0
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